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1. britney spears - my only wish (this year)

The video that started all, Baby One More Time has officially passed 100 millions views on YouTube, joining I Wanna Go, Womanizer, Scream & Shout, Work Bitch and Till The World Ends, congratulations Britney! Next Setp, Toxic.

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April 20


Britney made history again! “Baby One More Time” reached 100 million views on Youtube and now is #VEVOCertified. Britney also is now the only artist to have three music videos from different decades with more than 100 million views! Congrats!!!

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April 20


she lip syncing her way right to the bank though

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April 08


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March 30

if you see him, maybe don’t mention what I’m doing.

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March 30
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when someone says ‘toxic’ in chemistry


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March 24
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March 24

when you find out a couple you don’t like has broken up.

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February 11
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When People Say Something Negative About Britney Spears


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February 11
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